Not A Man

ou’re not a real man, real men don’t beg for their wallet to be taken advantage of. What you are is a ATM to use and abuse as I see fit. You wouldn’t want to be a real man anyways, would you? You don’t want to fuck my pussy, you don’t want to cum on my tits. You want me to slide my hand right into your wallet and bankrupt you as you jerk that pathetic cash cock of yours. Cheers to your never-ending cycle of self destruction and bankruptcy!

Games We Play

Another day, another one of my elusive jerk off games! This one consists of 4 cards, and each card says something different. You can’t resist stroking to my lace covered perfect body. The way this corset hugs my curves and my boobs so exposed drives you wild. Stroke it for me, jerk junkie. Four outcomes, will one of them be in your favor? I want to play a game. Who cares the outcome! 😉

Very First Time

Everything you’ve heard about me on campus is true, bro. I am the biggest slut on campus! I have fucked the whole lacrosse team, so I’m very experienced. I noticed that you never have any girls over or have ever had a girlfriend. Why is that?! Because you’ve been obsessed with feet for so long? Gross. Well, I’ll indulge you in your first sexual experience. You are going to cum to your sisters perfect feet today! You should be thankful for this experience!


Ugh, the worst mistake of your life! Marrying the wrong woman! Now you’re stuck with her, but my ass is your escape. It draws you in and you can’t take your eyes off of it. Hers doesn’t compare in any way to the bubbly round butt I have. She is nothing. You would rather serve my ass than spend another day with her, wouldn’t you butt slut!?

Not Normal

You are obsessed with my perfect knee high sock clad feet. In fact, you go from a normal functioning human to a foot loser in a split second when they are in front of you. You dream of sucking the sweat out of these socks. You yearn to kiss my perfect feet and lick the lint from between my toes. Your dick could explode at any minute just worshipping their perfection.

Risque Jerking

Who needs pussy when you have a perfectly capable hand, loser?! You have TWO of them! You’re my little jerk-a-holic and we’re going to have so much fun today. Go on, you have my permission to pump that chunk of flesh between your loser legs. I want you to tweet to me, and you’ll either get to cum or get denied! I know you’re hoping to cum to my ass in these tight little booty shorts though!