I know my long perfect legs drive you wild. You’re weak for them. Horny for them. You’re completely unable to resist or stay away from my powerful legs. The instant you see my legs, you feel the need to be a good jerk zombie and stroke for them. It’s all you think about. My legs and your cock explosion. Try to resist…. you won’t win leg bitch.


You literally have nothing better to do than just fap your dick away. You’re pathetic and gross, and no girl of my caliber will ever want a loser like you. Nice girls make your dick go limp, mean bratty girls make it squirt repeatedly. I love degrading you, mocking and humiliating you. I deem the rest of this month, MOCKTOBER. Enjoy being mocked while you masturbate, loser!

Virgin Dare

I know you horny virgins just cannot get enough of me. Wanna play with me today virgin? It’ll be risky, but the most scandalous thing you have ever done. You are going to play with that little cock while you’re at work today for me. Wrap your hand around your vagina deprived cock and stroke and stroke til it squirts. The best part? I’m fully clothed and I still give you boner for days!

Bow Down

I am your SUPREME Goddess Evelyn Milano. I know what you want. What you need. You need to jerk that wimpy loser dick to my perfect body covered in shiny. I doubt you’ll last long, that is just how hot and brutal I am. You’re worthless in bed. You’re worthless as a human being. Pump that reject cock of yours as I look down on you laughing. 

Cum Cum Cum

Your world revolves around cum. You are such a little sissy slut that your favorite part of sex or masturbation is the big load of cum at the end. I know your secret, you love cum in all of your holes. In fact, you eat your own cum because you are such a little slut, don’t you? Your cum obsession is out of control, but I’ll encourage it. Rub that little clitty and prepare to cum in your own mouth, sissy!

Ass Task

Your task for the day is simple; cum for my ass. Three minutes is all you will be getting, but I know you’ll accomplish the task with ease. One glance at my big booty in these tight booty shorts is enough to make pre-cum drip from that dick of yours. I love seeing you down on the floor, looking up at my ass. It’s where you belong. It’s where you WANT to be.

Above Your Pay Grade

I know pigs like you just love stroking all their cash away. The best part? I am well above your pay grade. I make in 1 minute what it takes you hours to make. I love knowing that you work long, hard hours for that money just to blow it on me in seconds. You can’t help yourself though, can you? You need to stroke and pay, pay and stroke, stroke and pay.

Nylon Feet Stroke

We’re going to do red light, green light to my divine goddess soles wrapped in pantyhose today. My toe spreads make you weak and pre-cum drip from your cock. The sheerness make you want to rub your nose right into my feet hoping for pantyhose burn on your face. You only need to inhale the scent of my nylons and nothing else. Green, red, green, red.. can you handle my nylon clad feet today, pantyhose bitch?

Not A Man

ou’re not a real man, real men don’t beg for their wallet to be taken advantage of. What you are is a ATM to use and abuse as I see fit. You wouldn’t want to be a real man anyways, would you? You don’t want to fuck my pussy, you don’t want to cum on my tits. You want me to slide my hand right into your wallet and bankrupt you as you jerk that pathetic cash cock of yours. Cheers to your never-ending cycle of self destruction and bankruptcy!

Games We Play

Another day, another one of my elusive jerk off games! This one consists of 4 cards, and each card says something different. You can’t resist stroking to my lace covered perfect body. The way this corset hugs my curves and my boobs so exposed drives you wild. Stroke it for me, jerk junkie. Four outcomes, will one of them be in your favor? I want to play a game. Who cares the outcome! 😉