Knocked Over

Oh goodness, look how tiny you are! I’m almost kind of creeped out, thats how tiny itty bitty you are! How did you get into my house? You’re shouting something but I can’t hear you all the way up here. I must be like a 300 story building to you. So many options, so little time. Maybe I’ll lock you in a jar in my kitchen.. or put you in some soup! I do think it would be fun to fuck with you though! Shauna Ryanne hates little pathetic men!

Fall For Feet

***This video includes visual and sound effects. Best enjoyed in a dark room with headphones***

You fall for my feet so easily, but I just need to show you the power they have over you.. and it’s so easy. You will fall in a deep trance for them, focusing on my soles. You are under their spell, falling further and further down the rabbit hole with no chance of escaping. You must worship and serve the feet that encapsulate your weak brain. You belong to these feet, and there is NO going back.

Hand in Hand

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Wanna stroke the pain away for me, pain slut? I own you, I control you, and you’ll destroy that nut sack for me in return for letting you rub that cock and pleasure yourself. Ohhh it feels sooooo good, doesn’t it? It’ll hurt for a few seconds, but you’ll be right back in stroke heaven staring at my ass cheeks hanging out of this onsie. Beg me to abuse you more, loser!

Boot Ploy

Boots are the ONLY thing you can think about right now. That’s right, stare at your weakness right in front of you. Your favorite season is here, I will be wearing boots, all the hot girls will be wearing boots. You’ll be drooling like a weak horny stupid boot bitch non-stop. That slave application you filled out? It was all just a ploy so my boots could control and blackmail you, boot addict!

Life Full Of Rejection

You’ve been rejected your entire life. You’re pretty used to it by now, aren’t you loser? No one likes you. No one wants you. Your neighbor doesn’t like you. Your boss doesn’t like you. Me? Oh I don’t have that problem, I am accepted and embraced every where! Rejection suits you pretty well, and it’ll be the one thing you jerk off to for the rest of your lonely loser life!

Mouth Utilization

Prepare to utilize that mouth of yours today, foot slut. Slowly stroke that aching dick to the soles of these size 9’s. They drive you crazy. You’d do anything just to touch them, lick them, kiss them. You legs tremble and you drop to your knees in their presence. Think about using that mouth of yours for them, serving them and worshiping them in any way possible. You want them close to your face, in your mouth.

Tiny Dick Rules

All tiny dicks must be controlled, I can’t have your loser ass running around with that little wee wee scarring women for the rest of your life! No female wants to see that carrot dick between your legs, so listen up shrimp dick boy. You will follow all my tiny dick rules from this day forward. You’re lucky I don’t lock that thing up to remove it from society, it’s disgusting!

Ass Worth Paying

You have always been an ass type of guy, haven’t you? You’d never thought about going broke for an ass. However, it wasn’t until you stumbled upon my ass and felt the need to PAY it. Pucker those ass loving lips up and kiss my greedy, powerful rich ass. You need my ass and you beg me to pay it. You get off on the fact it charges you extra, don’t you butt slut? Stroke and pay my ass, loser.

Foot Freak Pay Pig

Do you have any idea what my favorite kind of pay pig is?  It’s you pathetic foot loving freaks.  You make it so easy to drain you.  I can sit back, relax, prop my feet up and the money just rolls in day after day.  I know your dick is aching to be touched while worshipping my size 9s.  Go on foot wallet, you have my permission to stroke to my feet and all this cash I pluck from little foot wallets like you!

Cash Arousal

Seeing all this cash in my greedy bratty hands does things to you that you never imagined possible. Your dick stands at attention as I count bill after bill. Wanna jerk that rock hard cash cock of yours today? Since I own your cock and balls, you will do as I say and play my little jerk off game… you know the one. Red light, green light. As if charging you double wasn’t enough, now I control when you get to touch that little pay pig dick of yours and I wouldn’t have it any other way!