Bow Down

I am your SUPREME Goddess Evelyn Milano. I know what you want. What you need. You need to jerk that wimpy loser dick to my perfect body covered in shiny. I doubt you’ll last long, that is just how hot and brutal I am. You’re worthless in bed. You’re worthless as a human being. Pump that reject cock of yours as I look down on you laughing. 

Your Fetish

Bratty girls in expensive shoes is your fetish. These shoes cost as much as your mortgage, if not double. Slowly stroke your aching cock as I tease you with my designer Zanotti’s and Yves Saint Laurent heels. This is how I put your money to use, foot boy. All it took was 60 seconds for me to drop $800 on a pair of shoes.. how long did it take you to earn that much? A week? Italian designer shoes is my fetish.

Cum Cum Cum

Your world revolves around cum. You are such a little sissy slut that your favorite part of sex or masturbation is the big load of cum at the end. I know your secret, you love cum in all of your holes. In fact, you eat your own cum because you are such a little slut, don’t you? Your cum obsession is out of control, but I’ll encourage it. Rub that little clitty and prepare to cum in your own mouth, sissy!

Mistakes Happen

You made a mistake earlier in life, admit it. You thought you had found ‘the perfect one.’ She was so loyal to you, and you committed your life to one another. It wasn’t long after you married her that your eyes started to wander though. I caught your eye. I have your attention. Divorce her, devote your life to me. You will make the right decision the 2nd time around!

Ass Task

Your task for the day is simple; cum for my ass. Three minutes is all you will be getting, but I know you’ll accomplish the task with ease. One glance at my big booty in these tight booty shorts is enough to make pre-cum drip from that dick of yours. I love seeing you down on the floor, looking up at my ass. It’s where you belong. It’s where you WANT to be.

Not Aware

Your wife? She isn’t aware of your perverted foot fetish. You wouldn’t dare tell her out of embarrassment. Me though? I know all about your obsession with feet. I know how to use mine against you, toy with you, break you down. She doesn’t even go to the spa for pedicures, her feet disgust you. Don’t worry though foot boy, I’m always here ready to make you more addicted to my soles.

Tight Spaces

You’ve always enjoyed shoving things up your butt for as far back as you can remember. You’re no stranger to having the best orgasms when you shove things up your tight little hole. There’s one thing you can’t get off your mind though; my giant strap on. Ever since you saw me wearing it awhile back, you can’t help but fantasize about what it would be like for me to bend you over and fuck you from behind as you writhe in delight

No Cum

You just can’t get enough of my armpits. The instant you see them, your mind becomes foggy. It’s instinctual to just jerk your cock raw to them. You don’t have control. I am the one in control when in your presence. I dare you to try NOT to cum to these armpits! Try not to touch yourself… but we both know that won’t happen because your cock is already twitching at the sight of them.