Beg For Ass

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Designer Jeans

Rogue has a nice expensive pair of denim on her ass, you know.. the kind you like and pay for her to tease you in. How does her ass look? You just can’t stop staring, let alone touching your dick. They fit like a glove on her ass don’t they? They sparkle so nicely, don’t they ass slut… keep staring! Rogue wants some new jeans, don’t you want to spoil her ass with designer denim.. yeah get right up in there between her denim covered ass cheeks!

Ass Worth Paying

You have always been an ass type of guy, haven’t you? You’d never thought about going broke for an ass. However, it wasn’t until you stumbled upon my ass and felt the need to PAY it. Pucker those ass loving lips up and kiss my greedy, powerful rich ass. You need my ass and you beg me to pay it. You get off on the fact it charges you extra, don’t you butt slut? Stroke and pay my ass, loser.

Ass Task

Your task for the day is simple; cum for my ass. Three minutes is all you will be getting, but I know you’ll accomplish the task with ease. One glance at my big booty in these tight booty shorts is enough to make pre-cum drip from that dick of yours. I love seeing you down on the floor, looking up at my ass. It’s where you belong. It’s where you WANT to be.


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