L-o-s-e-r JOI MP3

***This MP3 is PERFECT for downloading to your phone and listening to it with headphones when you don’t have access to a computer but still need your Evelyn Milano fix!***
You’re here for one thing, loser.  I know exactly why that is.  The one thing you’re constantly doing, pumping that disgusting loser dick of yours as much as you can.  You are pathetic, do you see the way you look when you’re fapping that chunk of flesh between your loser legs?  We both know you can’t even remember the last time you had sex.  Fuck that hand you reject.

All The Cum Places

Red wants to know what exactly DO you do with your cum after you jack off? She heard that you eat it! Ewwww, gross.. its so salty and creamy…. why do you like that! I bet you think about nipples when you jack off, and cumming on nipples and licking it off.. hahaha. Red loves thinking of all the places she’d make you lick your cum off of on her body.. shes pretty creative… and she knows you’d do it to cum slut!

Cum Guzzler MP3

***This MP3 is PERFECT for downloading to your phone and listening to it with headphones when you don’t have access to a computer but still need your Evelyn Milano fix!***

There is only ONE thing you love more than jerking off. You know what it is. CUM. Your own cum. Slurping it up like the big cum guzzling whore you are. You can’t get cum out of your head, the thought of licking it, tasting it, swallowing it. You’re so thirsty for that cum load, and don’t worry… I’ll be there the whole way to make sure you do it!

Hand in Hand

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Wanna stroke the pain away for me, pain slut? I own you, I control you, and you’ll destroy that nut sack for me in return for letting you rub that cock and pleasure yourself. Ohhh it feels sooooo good, doesn’t it? It’ll hurt for a few seconds, but you’ll be right back in stroke heaven staring at my ass cheeks hanging out of this onsie. Beg me to abuse you more, loser!

Life Full Of Rejection

You’ve been rejected your entire life. You’re pretty used to it by now, aren’t you loser? No one likes you. No one wants you. Your neighbor doesn’t like you. Your boss doesn’t like you. Me? Oh I don’t have that problem, I am accepted and embraced every where! Rejection suits you pretty well, and it’ll be the one thing you jerk off to for the rest of your lonely loser life!

Exploiting You

I don’t like you. I don’t want to even talk to you. I will however exploit you for your masturbation addiction, loser. Yes you, jerk junkie loser. You’re always the reject in the corner with his dick in his hand fapping away at anything and everything. I will use your addiction to my advantage and laugh at you whilst doing it! That turns you on even more though, doesn’t it?


You literally have nothing better to do than just fap your dick away. You’re pathetic and gross, and no girl of my caliber will ever want a loser like you. Nice girls make your dick go limp, mean bratty girls make it squirt repeatedly. I love degrading you, mocking and humiliating you. I deem the rest of this month, MOCKTOBER. Enjoy being mocked while you masturbate, loser!

Above Your Pay Grade

I know pigs like you just love stroking all their cash away. The best part? I am well above your pay grade. I make in 1 minute what it takes you hours to make. I love knowing that you work long, hard hours for that money just to blow it on me in seconds. You can’t help yourself though, can you? You need to stroke and pay, pay and stroke, stroke and pay.

Risque Jerking

Who needs pussy when you have a perfectly capable hand, loser?! You have TWO of them! You’re my little jerk-a-holic and we’re going to have so much fun today. Go on, you have my permission to pump that chunk of flesh between your loser legs. I want you to tweet to me, and you’ll either get to cum or get denied! I know you’re hoping to cum to my ass in these tight little booty shorts though!