BBC Boss

What do you think of Hannah Perez’s outfit? I know you thought you were coming here to take me out to dinner.. but I actually have different plans for tonight! We’re not going out to dinner and you’re not going to fuck me tonight.. but as it turns out, I’ve been fucking your black boss for awhile. Yeah… hes hung like a horse, and I love his cock! I love sucking his dick, and I’m going to do it tonight, and you’ll be watching!

Still To This Day

You have always felt inadequate in so many ways. You never got the hot girl in school, instead you followed her around obeying her commands as if your life depended upon it. Now that you’re an adult, you still do the same exact thing. You’re a cuckold. You don’t deserve an alpha female. Your place is to SERVE an alpha female. You’re a play toy, and you don’t deserve me.