Ass Worth Paying

You have always been an ass type of guy, haven’t you? You’d never thought about going broke for an ass. However, it wasn’t until you stumbled upon my ass and felt the need to PAY it. Pucker those ass loving lips up and kiss my greedy, powerful rich ass. You need my ass and you beg me to pay it. You get off on the fact it charges you extra, don’t you butt slut? Stroke and pay my ass, loser.

Foot Freak Pay Pig

Do you have any idea what my favorite kind of pay pig is?  It’s you pathetic foot loving freaks.  You make it so easy to drain you.  I can sit back, relax, prop my feet up and the money just rolls in day after day.  I know your dick is aching to be touched while worshipping my size 9s.  Go on foot wallet, you have my permission to stroke to my feet and all this cash I pluck from little foot wallets like you!

Cash Arousal

Seeing all this cash in my greedy bratty hands does things to you that you never imagined possible. Your dick stands at attention as I count bill after bill. Wanna jerk that rock hard cash cock of yours today? Since I own your cock and balls, you will do as I say and play my little jerk off game… you know the one. Red light, green light. As if charging you double wasn’t enough, now I control when you get to touch that little pay pig dick of yours and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Your Fetish

Bratty girls in expensive shoes is your fetish. These shoes cost as much as your mortgage, if not double. Slowly stroke your aching cock as I tease you with my designer Zanotti’s and Yves Saint Laurent heels. This is how I put your money to use, foot boy. All it took was 60 seconds for me to drop $800 on a pair of shoes.. how long did it take you to earn that much? A week? Italian designer shoes is my fetish.

Above Your Pay Grade

I know pigs like you just love stroking all their cash away. The best part? I am well above your pay grade. I make in 1 minute what it takes you hours to make. I love knowing that you work long, hard hours for that money just to blow it on me in seconds. You can’t help yourself though, can you? You need to stroke and pay, pay and stroke, stroke and pay.

Not A Man

ou’re not a real man, real men don’t beg for their wallet to be taken advantage of. What you are is a ATM to use and abuse as I see fit. You wouldn’t want to be a real man anyways, would you? You don’t want to fuck my pussy, you don’t want to cum on my tits. You want me to slide my hand right into your wallet and bankrupt you as you jerk that pathetic cash cock of yours. Cheers to your never-ending cycle of self destruction and bankruptcy!