Fall For Feet

***This video includes visual and sound effects. Best enjoyed in a dark room with headphones***

You fall for my feet so easily, but I just need to show you the power they have over you.. and it’s so easy. You will fall in a deep trance for them, focusing on my soles. You are under their spell, falling further and further down the rabbit hole with no chance of escaping. You must worship and serve the feet that encapsulate your weak brain. You belong to these feet, and there is NO going back.

Mouth Utilization

Prepare to utilize that mouth of yours today, foot slut. Slowly stroke that aching dick to the soles of these size 9’s. They drive you crazy. You’d do anything just to touch them, lick them, kiss them. You legs tremble and you drop to your knees in their presence. Think about using that mouth of yours for them, serving them and worshiping them in any way possible. You want them close to your face, in your mouth.

Foot Freak Pay Pig

Do you have any idea what my favorite kind of pay pig is?  It’s you pathetic foot loving freaks.  You make it so easy to drain you.  I can sit back, relax, prop my feet up and the money just rolls in day after day.  I know your dick is aching to be touched while worshipping my size 9s.  Go on foot wallet, you have my permission to stroke to my feet and all this cash I pluck from little foot wallets like you!

Your Fetish

Bratty girls in expensive shoes is your fetish. These shoes cost as much as your mortgage, if not double. Slowly stroke your aching cock as I tease you with my designer Zanotti’s and Yves Saint Laurent heels. This is how I put your money to use, foot boy. All it took was 60 seconds for me to drop $800 on a pair of shoes.. how long did it take you to earn that much? A week? Italian designer shoes is my fetish.

Not Aware

Your wife? She isn’t aware of your perverted foot fetish. You wouldn’t dare tell her out of embarrassment. Me though? I know all about your obsession with feet. I know how to use mine against you, toy with you, break you down. She doesn’t even go to the spa for pedicures, her feet disgust you. Don’t worry though foot boy, I’m always here ready to make you more addicted to my soles.

Nylon Feet Stroke

We’re going to do red light, green light to my divine goddess soles wrapped in pantyhose today. My toe spreads make you weak and pre-cum drip from your cock. The sheerness make you want to rub your nose right into my feet hoping for pantyhose burn on your face. You only need to inhale the scent of my nylons and nothing else. Green, red, green, red.. can you handle my nylon clad feet today, pantyhose bitch?

Very First Time

Everything you’ve heard about me on campus is true, bro. I am the biggest slut on campus! I have fucked the whole lacrosse team, so I’m very experienced. I noticed that you never have any girls over or have ever had a girlfriend. Why is that?! Because you’ve been obsessed with feet for so long? Gross. Well, I’ll indulge you in your first sexual experience. You are going to cum to your sisters perfect feet today! You should be thankful for this experience!

Not Normal

You are obsessed with my perfect knee high sock clad feet. In fact, you go from a normal functioning human to a foot loser in a split second when they are in front of you. You dream of sucking the sweat out of these socks. You yearn to kiss my perfect feet and lick the lint from between my toes. Your dick could explode at any minute just worshipping their perfection.