Mistakes Happen

You made a mistake earlier in life, admit it. You thought you had found ‘the perfect one.’ She was so loyal to you, and you committed your life to one another. It wasn’t long after you married her that your eyes started to wander though. I caught your eye. I have your attention. Divorce her, devote your life to me. You will make the right decision the 2nd time around!

Not Aware

Your wife? She isn’t aware of your perverted foot fetish. You wouldn’t dare tell her out of embarrassment. Me though? I know all about your obsession with feet. I know how to use mine against you, toy with you, break you down. She doesn’t even go to the spa for pedicures, her feet disgust you. Don’t worry though foot boy, I’m always here ready to make you more addicted to my soles.


Ugh, the worst mistake of your life! Marrying the wrong woman! Now you’re stuck with her, but my ass is your escape. It draws you in and you can’t take your eyes off of it. Hers doesn’t compare in any way to the bubbly round butt I have. She is nothing. You would rather serve my ass than spend another day with her, wouldn’t you butt slut!?