Give It Up

Tara heard you liked to be blackmailed.. so today she’s going to have a little fun with you. Oh whats that.., you want to see her ass? Well, shes going to need some information from you first. Like… your wifes name. Oh, you want to see her spank her ass? She’ll need the name of your place and the address. You get how this works little victim? Yeah, by the end of this video, all control will be mine. I’ll mold you into whatever I see fit, however I see fit, all with blackmail!

Boot Ploy

Boots are the ONLY thing you can think about right now. That’s right, stare at your weakness right in front of you. Your favorite season is here, I will be wearing boots, all the hot girls will be wearing boots. You’ll be drooling like a weak horny stupid boot bitch non-stop. That slave application you filled out? It was all just a ploy so my boots could control and blackmail you, boot addict!