Beg For Ass

You ready to worship this ass? This ass NEEDS to be worship, it DESERVES to be worshiped and you’re the perfect one to do the job! Think about what you like in regards to my ass… do you like the lacey panties across it? You just HAVE to worship this ass, it’s what you’re good for and all you’re here to do. Satisfy Kally, you need her ass. I bet you jerk it to an ass 5x a day don’t you? Tell me that you love my ass!

BBC Boss

What do you think of Hannah Perez’s outfit? I know you thought you were coming here to take me out to dinner.. but I actually have different plans for tonight! We’re not going out to dinner and you’re not going to fuck me tonight.. but as it turns out, I’ve been fucking your black boss for awhile. Yeah… hes hung like a horse, and I love his cock! I love sucking his dick, and I’m going to do it tonight, and you’ll be watching!

Designer Jeans

Rogue has a nice expensive pair of denim on her ass, you know.. the kind you like and pay for her to tease you in. How does her ass look? You just can’t stop staring, let alone touching your dick. They fit like a glove on her ass don’t they? They sparkle so nicely, don’t they ass slut… keep staring! Rogue wants some new jeans, don’t you want to spoil her ass with designer denim.. yeah get right up in there between her denim covered ass cheeks!

Give It Up

Tara heard you liked to be blackmailed.. so today she’s going to have a little fun with you. Oh whats that.., you want to see her ass? Well, shes going to need some information from you first. Like… your wifes name. Oh, you want to see her spank her ass? She’ll need the name of your place and the address. You get how this works little victim? Yeah, by the end of this video, all control will be mine. I’ll mold you into whatever I see fit, however I see fit, all with blackmail!

Cock Punishment

Are you touching your cock without Kally’s permission?! You better remove your hand immediately, because you’re being punished! From now on, you’ll be wearing a chastity device on your dick, and I hold the key. Haha.. what does it feel like when it tries to get hard but can’t? You’ll have to deal with it, too bad! As I tease you with the key, you wish you could jerk off to me, but not today!

L-o-s-e-r JOI MP3

***This MP3 is PERFECT for downloading to your phone and listening to it with headphones when you don’t have access to a computer but still need your Evelyn Milano fix!***
You’re here for one thing, loser.  I know exactly why that is.  The one thing you’re constantly doing, pumping that disgusting loser dick of yours as much as you can.  You are pathetic, do you see the way you look when you’re fapping that chunk of flesh between your loser legs?  We both know you can’t even remember the last time you had sex.  Fuck that hand you reject.

All The Cum Places

Red wants to know what exactly DO you do with your cum after you jack off? She heard that you eat it! Ewwww, gross.. its so salty and creamy…. why do you like that! I bet you think about nipples when you jack off, and cumming on nipples and licking it off.. hahaha. Red loves thinking of all the places she’d make you lick your cum off of on her body.. shes pretty creative… and she knows you’d do it to cum slut!

Cum Guzzler MP3

***This MP3 is PERFECT for downloading to your phone and listening to it with headphones when you don’t have access to a computer but still need your Evelyn Milano fix!***

There is only ONE thing you love more than jerking off. You know what it is. CUM. Your own cum. Slurping it up like the big cum guzzling whore you are. You can’t get cum out of your head, the thought of licking it, tasting it, swallowing it. You’re so thirsty for that cum load, and don’t worry… I’ll be there the whole way to make sure you do it!

Knocked Over

Oh goodness, look how tiny you are! I’m almost kind of creeped out, thats how tiny itty bitty you are! How did you get into my house? You’re shouting something but I can’t hear you all the way up here. I must be like a 300 story building to you. So many options, so little time. Maybe I’ll lock you in a jar in my kitchen.. or put you in some soup! I do think it would be fun to fuck with you though! Shauna Ryanne hates little pathetic men!

Hand in Hand

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Wanna stroke the pain away for me, pain slut? I own you, I control you, and you’ll destroy that nut sack for me in return for letting you rub that cock and pleasure yourself. Ohhh it feels sooooo good, doesn’t it? It’ll hurt for a few seconds, but you’ll be right back in stroke heaven staring at my ass cheeks hanging out of this onsie. Beg me to abuse you more, loser!